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Benefits of Local Business SEO

Local SEO Marketing has many benefits for your business. It can help you rank higher for relevant keywords, which will result in more traffic to your website.

More Local Traffic

Improved Neighborhood Visibility

More Website Visits

Better Brand Authority

More Customers


Results Really Matter!

It all comes down to results, doesn’t it? 

Nothing else matters if we cannot get your business in front of a lot more potential customers and get your phone ringing, increase contacts and assist them in finding the information they need on your website so they can make the best choice – you!

Charts & Metrics can Tell Us a Lot!

Below you will find a series of geo-grids that we use to chart our clients’ progress up the rankings. Each dot represents how they rank for a particular keyword for that square mile.

The more green dots, the better!

ABA Therapy is a very important field, and a difficult keyword to rank for in a big city. 

We helped this client get on the map almost immediately!

geogrid rankings therapy
geogrid rankings

We helped them rank for another important term just as quickly!

This company was ranked #1 right around their store, and with our help they were ranked #1 for nearly 30 sq miles in a month!

geogrid rankings


Local SEO Strategy

Small business owners often wear a lot of hats and try to do a little bit of everything in order to keep their business running. But when it comes to local business SEO, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts. Our process is designed to help your business succeed as quickly as possible.

business meeting

New Campaign Audit

Every new campaign begins with an audit. We need to know what your business needs! We’ll begin by performing an analysis of your digital landscape. This will include but is not limited to looking at your digital listings, analyzing any links that are pointing back to your site along with doing thorough keyword research for terms you’re targeting. All businesses have different needs so this is the first step we take in order to design a strategy and service specific to your business.

seo campaign audit
keyword research


We will perform complete keyword research. Our team will look at your competitors and research them as well. We research your area. Research gives us a digital strategy for moving forward with your marketing. It gives us the appropriate keywords for your business, ideas for content silos and anchor text strategy.

Competitor Analysis

We will assess your competition and compare them to you in order to better understand the playing field. We know SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all service, especially when it comes to businesses that are competing with similar companies or services.

seo competitor research

Planning Your Campaign

We look over all of our audits and research to design the best local digital marketing plan for your business. This includes search engine optimization recommendations, as well as other marketing solutions. 

Anchor Text Planning

We decide on the best anchor text for links. This is often different than the anchor text used in nationally-targeted links. We look at the keywords that you’re targeting as well as your competitors. We also look at regional keywords you could be targeting. We ensure links will help build authority for local SERPs.

Content Planning

We take all of the research and keyword planning to develop content ideas specifically designed to attract your customers while also increasing your digital value. The content ideas we develop are intended to increase your customer conversion rates, improve CTRs for listings and improve local Search Engine Optimization.

Link Building Plan

We carefully plan the links that will help your SERPs. These digital links are often different than national or commercial links because they’re intended to help convey regional authority for your search results. We research competitors, look at the keywords you’re targeting, keywords your competitors are targeting and keywords that consumers are searching for. We prioritize regional links based on your strategy, competition and search volume to ensure the links we build will drive the most traffic possible.

Your Local Search Engine Campaign

Now it is time to get started!

Listings Management

Listings management is one of our most important services for our clients. Not only do we manage your Google Business Profile, FourSquare and Bing local listings but we’ll verify any new listings and directories.

citation listings creation

Link Building

The digital landscape is changing fast. Search engines have made it much harder for businesses to rank in the map packs by tying rankings to links. But this doesn’t mean your business can’t rank well! We focus some of our link-building efforts on authoritative sources like town/county websites, chamber websites and other authority directories.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process is Complete

We work hard to make sure you get a properly optimized campaign. The process of search engine optimization can take some time so we make sure business owners have a good understanding of that before beginning. We’ve spent years developing our strategy so it’s more thorough, a better experience for business owners and gives them an advantage over their competition.

14 + 5 =

SEO: The Importance of Optimizing Your Website

Do you have a small business and want to grow your customer base? Web page SEO is one of the best ways to do so. Here are some tips for you: 

  • Make sure that your website is optimized for search engines and consumers by using keywords in titles, headers, meta descriptions, and elsewhere. 
  • Include GBP listings on all pages of your website as well as social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Get reviews from satisfied patrons or ask them for testimonials. 
  • Optimize your site with information about what products or services you offer 
  • Create an About Us page with pictures of the business owners 
  • List contact information including phone number(s), email address(es)

Your website must coordinate with your Google Business Profile. Services you list on your GBP must show up on your website. Also, regional keywords should be included in your website content.

In order to rank well on map pack listings, a Local SEO Company will look at the keywords you’re targeting as well as keywords that competitors are targeting. These keywords should also be included in the links you share, like website citations and profiles. Search Engine Optimization can help to increase traffic and conversions for businesses because it provides the business with a digital presence; this makes it easier for consumers to find you.

small business - open for business


What People Are Saying about our Local SEO Services

Brian was very professional and communicated clearly and promptly throughout the job process. He is extremely knowledge about all aspects of SEO optimization and delivered fast, effective results. Searches for my company, as well as my overall web presence, were boosted significantly in a short period of time. I would recommend him without reservation


Owner, Grand Rapids Therapy

Brian has been great to work with. He has helped with my website and my Google page. I am impressed with his knowledge and abilities. I feel completely confident in handing these two very important aspects of my business over to him to handle completely. He is easy to communicate with and answers all of my questions promptly and listens to my suggestions. Highly recommend him to anyone.


Owner, Nashville Med Spa

What is local SEO vs SEO? 

Local SEO and SEO are very different. The former is about getting your business to rank in the top 3 of Google search for a specific location, or in the Map Pack, whereas an SEO campaign is about ranking on the first page of search for keywords that relate to your business.  

It is important that you do both types of campaigns because they each have their own benefits which should be maximized in order to get the most out of your budget.

Who needs a Local SEO Company? 

SEO services are becoming increasingly important as competition heats up. But not everyone understands what it is or how it can help their business. We will explain what it is and why your business should be using it. We’ll also provide tips for getting started.

small business
support small business

How can I improve my Google ranking in my area?

As small business owners with limited resources, we want to do everything in our power to increase the visibility of our website and company. Our strategist and analyst will do this is by optimizing your site with the best keywords for your industry so that people searching for what you sell can find you.

Is Local SEO Important? 

For small businesses, it’s important to have a presence online. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the city or out in the country – your business needs to be easily accessible by customers. Local SEO services is one of the best ways for your business to get found locally and rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. You can use techniques such as geo-location targeting, placing videos on YouTube that are only available within certain geographic areas, creating an events calendar with specific times and dates (and linking back to your website), setting up Facebook pages for each town you serve, etc.

small business marketing

Why your SEO should focus on Local?

As a business owner, you may be tempted to put all of your marketing eggs in one basket and focus on nationwide or global SEO. However, it’s important to remember that a local strategy is just as important – if not more so – than national or global SEO. Here are four reasons why you should focus your SEO strategy for your area: 

  • Most people prefer to buy from businesses they trust and are familiar with. 
  • Regional businesses typically have lower digital marketing costs than their big-name counterparts. 
  • Map Pack listings are often more relevant to your market than national ones. 
  • A strong digital presence can help your business stand out from the competition.

Let’s face it, business would be much better if people looking for your services could easily find you at the top of search. Focusing on a regional digital strategy means helping people find you, rather than driving people to your website from a search engine that is not relevant to them. This could be a huge opportunity lost for business owners.

Here’s the good news: local search engine optimization may seem complex because it has so many moving parts, but do not worry. It’s much easier to localize your website and enhance search engine optimization than you may think.

Small Business Owners Must Utilize SEO

Small business owners must realize the importance of SEO and how to use it in order to improve their online visibility. By utilizing these digital tactics, small business owners can increase website traffic, which can lead to more conversions and sales. There are many different ways that businesses can improve their digital presence, and it is important to continuously work on the development of these strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Implementing SEO services into your marketing plan is a critical step for any business owner who wants to succeed online.

Google is Looking for Your Business!

Are you sure that your business is showing up in Google search? Or are you only relying on your customers to know how to find you? More and more people are using Google to find businesses like yours, so it’s important to make sure your website is optimized for search engine visibility. The search algorithm is designed to help regional businesses show up for nearby searches. According to recent statistics, mobile searches are increasing at an average of 50 percent every year. This means that if your business isn’t showing up in the map pack, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to attract new patrons.

If the idea of local search engine optimization sounds intimidating, it does not have to be. In fact, it has many benefits that will help businesses promote their services and products.

google my business
google business listing
  • New customers can find business easily through the search engine. Putting your website at the top of  the search engine makes it easy for people to find you.
  • Nearby searches are typically more relevant than organic or paid results. If you’re digital marketing nearby, it makes sense to show up in the map pack because these people are searching for businesses like yours.
  • Search engines reward great SEO with better rankings and traffic. Ranking well for regional city keywords can lead to more people finding your business.
  • SEO helps businesses stand out from the competition. Many map packs are cluttered with businesses so you have to make sure that your website stands out if you want people to visit your site instead of a competitor’s.
  • Much of your competition is NOT doing any SEO! You will overtake many of them rather quickly!

Rank Locally with Your WordPress Website

Are you looking for ways to improve your website visibility and ranking? If so, look no further than using WordPress! Many business owners shy away from WordPress because they assume it is only meant for larger websites. However, this platform offers amazing capabilities for businesses of all sizes. In fact, many smaller businesses have seen increased website traffic and better rankings by using WordPress. This is largely due to the fact that SEO for nearby searches is much easier to handle with WordPress.

There are a number of factors that go into ranking your website locally. Two of the most important are onpage optimization and offpage optimization. Onpage optimization involves making sure your site is properly set up with the right keywords and metadata. It means updating your permalink structure to include local keywords, optimizing each webpage for SEO, and making sure you have a regional business phone number listed on every webpage.

Offpage optimization is all about link building through citations and social profiles. Citations are one of the most effective ways of getting links from credible online sources that will help customers find your website. Social profiles are where people go to learn more about businesses they are considering doing business with, so they play an important role.

If you’re ready to start seeing real results from your WordPress website, contact us today! We can help you implement onpage and offpage strategies that will help people find your website.

If you are local business owner, or if you have people that need to be reached via local search engine, then this guide is for you. Every day more and more people turn to the internet to find businesses like yours. If your digital development isn’t strong enough, then people may find a competitor’s website, or they may simply not be able to find your website. Your SEO is an assistant on your team that helps people locate you online through local search engine.

google serps
local seo results

SEO Solutions for Local Businesses

As a small business owner, you know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make your company successful. And while you may be great at what you do, you may not have the time or knowledge to devote to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That’s where search engine optimization strategy comes in.

Local SERPs are typically more relevant than organic or local paid results. If you’re marketing to local folks, it makes sense to show up in local search engine because these results are about local customers finding local providers. This is why this is so important.

In the past, local searches have been highly defined by local directories like Yahoo! and Google+ Local. But as consumers’ digital habits continue to evolve and become more modern, local search results are becoming less and less centered on directories and directories alone.

The digital solutions listed below are some of the most important local businesses willing to link back to your website in exchange for a link on your site. It’s not uncommon for business owners who have been successful with digital strategies to get multiple outreach requests per day.

Affordable SEO Services

If you are a business owner, then you know that competing against big businesses can be tough. One way to level the playing field is to design digital solutions. While there are many affordable design options available, it can be difficult to know which ones will be most effective for your business.

SEO is all about reaching local customers who are searching for local goods and services. It means showing up first in local search engine results when someone searches for local keywords like “plumber” or “locksmith.” The design of a good digital strategy can help local consumers find your website by increasing the number of people clicking on your website via local search engine results. When you design effective digital strategies, you’ll see an increase in conversions as well as revenue generated from these new leads.

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